Aura Position: Slightly Left


Left’s tend to be in the emotional plane. They take everything to heart.

General Characteristics:

Subtle feelings of life being unfair.
Blurred boundaries.
Selective listening.
Falls into depression.
Covert manipulation.

Needs: They ask for what they need.

Measures success by: how much other people worry about them.

Diseases: “Can’t assimilate” diseases.  Type II Diabetes, Zoloff-Prozac diseases, “can’t assimilate proteins”, can’t feel.



Supplements: All Enzymes, especially papaya, Chromium.

Gems and Minerals: Rose Quartz.

Bach Flower Remedies: Willow.

Colors: Green, Orange, Silver, Olive Drab.

Shapes: Double Spiral, Sphere, Great Icosadodecahedron (#54), Great Dodecahemicosahedron (#65).

Archangel: Uriel.

Tissue Salt: Natrium Muriaticum

Tree: Apple.

Spirit Animals: Rabbit, Dolphin.

Number: 3.

Direction: West.

Foods: Grapefruit, Kidney Beans, Lettuce.

Herbs: Bitter Melon, Bilberry, Aloe Vera, Salt Bush.